How's everything going?

My name is Karen Peng 彭嘉颖.

I'm currently in a beta mode in ITP NYU.

Welcome to my lab! Let's play and have good fun.

Drawing Script

Ridiculous Programming: draw like in the wild space, type like in a terminal.

This is an experiment about combining coding and drawing.

Use your free hand drawing as an value input, and then code on these drawings, to assign values to objects and make them animate.

Drawing is so free that the only limit is your imagination, coding is so rigid that it's all about order and logic. My curiosity leads me to experiment between these two.

Technology: peg.js, plt.js, canvas, javascript

coming soon


I'm still figuring out what to do with it, if you have any idea, don't hesitate to email me <3 !

Yellow Tail

Magical multi-user drawing experience.

Watch your drawing comes to live!

Yellow Tail is a multi-player drawing experience. Use your touch-based device to draw anything, shake it and your drawing will move on your laptop. What's more, you could play with your friends, use your imagination and have good fun!

Technology: DeviceMotion events, node.js, socket.io, canvas, javascript

See my Experiment on ChromeExperiments.com



A two-player voice control shooting game.

Watch out for the crazy sound! Use your voice to poke the jell-o, and shoot your friend!

Noisee is a two-player voice control game. Use your own voice to make the jello jump. What's more, you could play with your friend and shoot each other.

Technology: WebRTC, web audio api, node.js, canvas, javascript

See my Experiment on ChromeExperiments.com


Your pitch determines how height it jumps, and your volume makes up your bullets' size.

Cooperate Quilt

A multi-player drawing game.

Sew a quilt with crowd.

Cooperate Quilt lets people mix color with RGB, and fill in the grid with the color they mix. What's more exciting, it can be played by multiple players in real time. Invite your friends to sew the quilt together! See what you will get!

Bonus: click the bottom left corner of the canvas and press any key, save the quilt you just creat!

Technology: node.js, canvas, javascript


ITP Quilt

This is what's going on when my team invite our class to play it together in ITP.

The result turned out to be awesome! And yeah we have an ITP quilt now!

6 Billion People

A drawing tool and also the gallery of these drawings.

If I ask you to draw a human face, who will you draw?

6 Billion People is such a tool to help people draw human faces, and also an on-line gallery displaying these drawings.But in fact, people aren’t really “asked” to draw human faces, instead, they see human faces themselves when clicking the mouse, causing some of the circles on the screen moving and forming a blur profile.

Data of the author and also the drawing are collected throuhg crowdsourcing , allowing us to explore the relationship between these two.

It's still ongoing.

Technology: canvas, javascript, php, database




An online interactive music experiment.

In this experiment, besides auditory stimulation, music is also something that could be seen with vibration and color, and interact with people's body movement.

Amazingly, it is created when people move and "touch" different sound track layers. People are actually composing a song when dancing.

The perception of music is fundamental and we've got so used to it. But here, it is something different from what we knew. Playing with it, people can have a fresh experience.

Technology: web audio api, getUserMedia, canvas, javascript

See my Experiment on ChromeExperiments.com


Self Series

An online interactive experiment to experience different concepts of self.

With a webcam and special visual effects, people are able to interact with different images of themselves in this series of experiments.

These experiments are to explore different "self" concepts, which have complicated relations in reality and place impact on each other, making us who we are.

Technology: getUserMedia, canvas, javascript

See my Experiment on ChromeExperiments.com



Interact with the opposite image of you.



Moving the mouse and also your body, generate magical effect.


Umipay Application

An application which enables users to earn "money" in their virtual account and cash it into selected applications.

Umipay is a tool-typed application produced by Youmi Moblie Co. Ltd.

It mainly serves three functions: earning, storing and cashing "money" of virtual account. It connects with various android applications' account systems, thus users can have flexible choices on their "money" disposal.

It also provides users with different sorts of mini tasks to earn "money", such as downloading new applications and playing online games, making the earning process painless.

For users, it builds up a system for virtual currency circulation, and for developers and advertisers, it also creates a system of user volume circulation.

Working as an interaction designer, I contributed in research, concept development and interaction designing.

Role: Interaction design, User experience design and some information architect




The early concept design and wireframe for Umipay. Main functions were listed and organized by pages:

1.1 Pages list

1.2 Mini tasks to earn money

1.3 Applications try out

1.4 Applications sign in

1.5 Online games try out

1.6 Online games introduction

1.7 Official tasks

1.8 Phone recharge

1.9 Advertising check out

Further interaction design in flow paths between pages.

User experience and visual expression were highly considered in this procedure, and some of the original designs were adjusted.

Umipay Promotion Web Site

The promotion web site for Umipay application.

Umipay application's promotion web site, explaning what Umipay is and how it can improve users' virtual currency using experience, motivating people to use it.

It is a light-weighted project and I contributed to most of the work: from concept development, interaction designing, copy writing, visual designing, to part of the front-end programming.

Role: Interaction design, UX and UI design



In the slides, it raises three problems which a user might occur to when using different applications and managing different accounts:

1.Lack of a weapon in a game. 2.losing "money" when application deleted. 3.Being worried about the source of income.

On the right side, it offers a simple solution---Umipay application, and provides apk download button.

Then in the middle of the page, it explains how Umipay may perfectly solves these problems:

1.Connecting with many applications' account systems.

2.Cashing your "money" in the application you choose so as to buy the things you need.

3.Abundant ways to earn "money" for your virtual account.


Wireframe for the site.


Microsoft New World

Concept design of augmented-reality future for microsoft in D&AD creative competition.

This is a conceptual project I created for Microsoft, participating in creative competitions D&AD and Future Lions.

I created this project which is provident and ambitious, placing profound impact on everybody's live.

It empowers every individual around the world to contribute effort in the way known as UGC to build up an infinite database which connects the Internet with Reality.

Fed on this database, artificial Intelligence can be developed in the degree that changes the world. Using Augmented Reality technology, the world will appear in a way with no boundary of the physical world and the virtual one.

There will be one, new, world, with infinite possibilities.

Technology: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects

Just Us 7%

Commercial video for Just Us jewelry brand.

63% of people bury their secret love deep inside their heart.

75% of people end up with quarrel when they want to see their lovers' smile in the beginning.

86% of people want to say "I love you" sincerely, but replace it with other words in the end.

93% of people cannot marry to the one they love most.

Just Us 7%.

This video uses number to tell stories of lovers.

It is an advertising I together with members from my studio created for Just Us, a brand of jewerly targeting young people, in ShiBaoJinDu (Ad-Young) creative competition, which is held every year in mainland China together with Taiwan. It was rewarded "Merit" in 2010 ShiBaoJinDu competiton.

I contributed from idea to execution.

Technology: Premiere, After Effects

Nothing To Live For

Print Ad for Tangning bookstore.

This was a class assignment which simply asked us to make any advertising. I chose book store because various devices were gaining popularity. People seem to be more apt to different screens and entertainment, leaving books and thinking behind. Therefore, I created this ad which depicts an abandoned book having nothing to live for, going to commit suicide.

The slogan “Nothing to Live For” is not only talking about books, it’s indeed talking about people’s reading and thinking habit. I hope people gain reflection from it and do something to prevent them from dying.

Technology: Photoshop